Sonar by Bandlab's Solo Listen feature

New Nuendo user here. I would like to know if there is a Solo Listen feature in Nuendo where if you solo a track all of the other tracks will be padded by -6/-12/-18db so as to focus the selected track while still hearing all the track at a desired lower level?


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Thanks ggmanestraki. I am familiar with the Listen Mode. My inquiry is somewhat different - I think. For example I want to edit a MIDI/Audio track with the context of the overall arrangement, I want all the other tracks to be attenuated so as to focus on the edited track.

Have a look at Cue Sends. That might be helpful.

In browsing the docs don’t see it listed as a prebuilt feature; however, it wouldn’t take but a min to build a Project Logic Editor to do such a thing and bind it to a couple of key_combo and/or remote control.

I.E. Drop all unselected Tracks X amount/percent. Or: Raise selected track(s) X amount, and bring Master down X amount.

You can get rather specific in building such logic as well.
I.E. Select all tracks a certain color, or with a certain pattern in the track name, or All muted, or all soloed channels, etc then do something to them.

If you require several Logic Editors to run in a series it’s possible to in many cases to have one set of Logic do its thing and then launch a second set, or to build Macros in the Key Commands dialogue.

This is precisely what Listen does. You must configure it in the Control Room.


Missed that. Have to click the grey bar at the top (Main) to unfold the thing and see those options.

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Thanks a lot steve.

Thanks everyone esp Steve. I figured it out.