Sonar User trying demo - query

I’m getting on well with my 9.5 Pro trial and would like to pop back when I have a query. I promise (a) to look at the Help PDF first and (b) that I’m not trying to replicate Sonar workflows!

(1) Having said that, in Sonar I could press ‘D’ and the piano roll would appear/disappear in the size of my making. In Cubase this is called the bottom zone and I first have to open it (‘unhide’) and then choose the arrow on the right to ‘open in a separate window’. I can’t find a way using File/Key commands to reduce this to one click. Is there a way?

(2) Is there such a thing as icons for tracks?

(3) The track colours are limited, just 17. Is there a way to select more?


You can have the editor open straight into a separate window instead of the bottom zone. Go to Preferences-Editors.

Cheers Nic!
Sorry, I edited and added two more items. I suspect you can nail those also!

Don’t count on it! But shall do my best. :slight_smile:

You can have pictures on your tracks and I think you can add your own so presumably they could be icons but it’s not something I use so don’t know much about it.

Yes, you can have more than the default set/number of colours and I’ve seen posts discussing sets of hundreds of colours but again not something I use. Someone else might know more.

Bump. Anyone able to throw some light on my queries 2 and 3 above?


This is about Track Pictures, very good and detailed video: How to fully customize your Track Icons in Steinberg Nuendo 6/7 & Cubase 7/8 - YouTube

In the Main ToolBar go to Color Menu->Project Colors->Options->Append New Color click on the white square of the New color you’ll see a pallette you can create any color you want. You can Rename colors, just investigate Color Menu a bit more and you’ll discover all its possibilities.

…and further to that there are folk out there who have built very large palettes which they’ve made available. Some for free and some for money.

Many thanks Winter Rat and Nic!
I’ve even managed to import all my (colour) track icons from Sonar.


  1. In the MixConsole config your rack so it shows channel pictures. Double click & you can add one of the included pics or you can import additional user pics. You can also do this on a Track in the Project Window but at first it’s not obvious where to click. Add one in the MixConsole & you’ll see where they are on a Track.

  2. If you click the Select Color item on the Project Window Toolbar (not from the Track) the last item “Project Colors…” will let you add and rename colors to things like “bass”, “strings”, etc. If Select Color isn’t visible use the gear icon to config the Toolbar.

Thanks Rodger!

Hi John,

Just wanted to say welcome. Looks like you’re covered as far as questions from everyone above.
Hoping your transition to Cubase goes well – it’s an outstanding DAW. I moved over from sonar a few years back.

Many thanks Swamptooth.

Rather than starting another thread, I’ll add to this one. I’m a 20+ year Cakewalk/Sonar user who made the switch thanks to Gibson and their infinite wisdom. So I’ve bought and installed Pro 9.5 and I’m looking forward to learning what this new platform has to offer. So first questions.

  1. Does Cubase have something that replicates the Sonar Big Time?
  2. Does Cubase have something that replicates the Sonar Navigator?

I always kept both those views open on a second monitor for all my projects.


While Winter Rat was able to answer this question, as a longtime Cubase user with no Sonar experience I’d find it useful for the Sonar refuges to give a bit of an explanation for Sonar Specific terms. I’m more than happy to try & offer assistance, but don’t have the slightest idea for example what “Big Time” is - we can’t help if we can’t understand the question. :wink:

I’m another Sonar refugee who has made the swap to Cubase and so far the transition has been smooth. Big Time in Sonar is exactly what you may think it is, the Time in a big window so you can see it from across the stage. Brief explanation is here

Think I’ve found the Big Time equivalent, it is under Studio > More Options > Time display