Sonarworks has no GUI in Wavelab 11 - Windows 10

I’m using Sonarworks SoundID Reference and in Wavelab 11, there is no GUI. Works fine in Nuendo 11 and Wavelab 10 (from what I remember). Is this a known bug? I’ve tried to apply it before the monitoring output and after it and in both cases there is no GUI.

Did you try both the VST2 (if available) and VST3 versions? Normally a fix like this has to come from the plugin developer.

Also, this is probably not the solution but did you check to make sure the “GEN” box isn’t chosen for this plugin in the plugin preferences?

Thanks Justin. I will check those settings. Who knows… maybe I screwed up. Thanks for the help!

No problem. A screen shot of how the plugin appears could help more, but normally this is a fix for Sonarworks. The only thing I can say to fix it today would be to try both the VST2 and VST3 versions.

One last thing that sometimes fixes plugin GUI issues as a worst case scenario is to fold and unfold the window using this button:

I use it with wavelab 10 and 11 pro on windows 10 gui works fine, a little sluggish with the vst3 version if I remember correctly, but the gui is fine,

I’m an idiot. I had the GEN box checked. Doh! Thanks for the help.

No problem. Sometimes those boxes get checked mysteriously but also, “no GUI” is a very vague term so it’s always best to post a screen shot of what you actually see because it could have been literally just a gray area which I’ve seen, or it could have been the GEN interface that just has sliders but not the real intended interface.