Sonarworks Reference 4 causes record latency

Hi everyone

I’m using Sonarworks Reference 4 room correction software on my output buss in linear phase mode, so quite a hefty latency (45ms). Problem I am having is that even with the plugin switched off, Cubase isn’t correcting my recording latency. I’ve tested this by syncing a click and recording it - it’s comes back noticeably early. The only way to record correctly is to remove the plugin from the output buss.

This isn’t a deal breaker, just a bit of a pain to have to remove the plugin every time I want to record. Unless there is a magic checkbox somewhere I don’t know about?? I thought switching a plugin ‘off’ means the signal path bypasses it completely, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Does anyone else have any experience in this area?



Why don’t you switch Sonarworks to “zero latency” mode when recording instead of using “linear mode”?

Switching a plugin off by simply clicking its on/off button won’t solve this problem.
You need to Alt click (otherwise it’s just by-passed )…I’ve had this same issue with Reference 4, alt-clicking its off button solves the issue.

thanks guys - good advice, much appreciated.

Just a thought… are you running SW R4 on the actual master output bus, or via control room?

Yes I had the exact same “problem”, but in the end it turns out you should just have Ref 4 in the control room, NOT on your output bus.

Question I just got Sonarworks 4. How you use control room if your analog summing? Thank you

The best practice I have found with analog summing is to enable “listen” in the input channel (where the aumming device is returning to cubase)

Is the L icon in the input channel. You have to check in the control room mixer that listen is enabled.

This way you can monitor with sonarworks and solo and mute don’t affect the listening bus