Sonarworks SoundID VST3 WAVELAB 11

I was curious if anyone on windows or maybe even mac… I use windows 10 if anyone is using the vst 3 plugin from sonarworks soundID , The vst2 version works fine, but the vst3 seems to make the cpu and memory spike and really slows down the visuals on wavelab 11 pro, even when loading a plugin the menu gets really sluggish and slightly pauses, with the vst2 version is smooth no issue, there support system is beyond garbage so before submitting a bug was wondering if anyone had this issue, I enabled and disabled the gpu setting same issue,

Wave lab don’t work with SoundID, because wave lab use direct access to audio card and no mid point accept. Sound Id this is not plugin - this is soft for correlation audio end EQ.

Sonarworks sound ID Reference vst works fine with wavelab pro 11 in the playback processing section just like ARC 3 from i.k multimedia, its just that the vst 3 plugin was working a little sluggish compared to the vst2, was wondering if anyone else had that issue,

it’s worse for me it works perfectly with cubase but in wavelab impossible to change presets or do anything (vst3 version)

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I have the same problem. It is quite annoying :frowning:

Seems to be pretty stable with recent updates, but i’m on windows 10,