Song #7 in my song a month project: The Space That's In Between

As the tile suggests this is the seventh song in my self imposed produce and release a song a month project, all in Cubase.

FWIW as well as learning and hopefully improving my mixing each month the project has also lead to completely new pieces of music being composed. Of the seven now released, three didn’t exist in any form at all before I started.

Anyway, share, enjoy but most of all be careful out there.

Hi Nic, I like this one. I like your singing, I like the sound of our guitar (Telecaster from the picture), and I like to composition. It’s pretty tight, so not sure what else to say but, really nice. Want to hear more.

Thanks for this, always nice to have feedback of any sort let alone such positive stuff, I’m really glad you liked it.
Yes, it was just the telecaster on this one as it is on most of my tracks, when you get a really good guitar it’s hard to use anything else…FWIW the Telecaster is recorded either DI into Helix Native plugin and/or a Helix Hardware unit.

There’s more of my songs on both my Spotify and Youtube pages (Links below) and there’ll be another one coming this weekend as my birthday present to the world (not that the world asked for it!).

Thanks again, all the best, Nic.

wow, tks for sharing