Song # 9 : Lost at Sea

Here is my ninth song in my self-imposed record and release a song a month project. It’s a summery song for a grey November day.

Guitars and bass DI with Line 6 Helix for Amp Sims and FX.
Drums: EZDrummer.
Synth: Halion 6.
All recording and mixing with Cubase 10.5.20.

Share enjoy and please feel free to share your thoughts and comments if you have any, alwys welcome.

Cheers and stay safe!

Well that was fun, you are cranking them out! There’s a flippin iceberg, and I’ve seen Titanic! Funny.

Heh, thanks! :smiley:

For complete honesty I should have to say I haven’t seen “Titanic” in its entirety…the bits I saw whilst my daughters were watching was plenty! :laughing: