Song behaviour ideas


While I’m working on the conversion of my Midi backing tracks from a Miditemp MSX + Yamaha Motif-Rack ES to VST Live + Halion 7, I realize that some setting would be very helpful :

  • Auto Play
    An option for each song to make it play automatically when it is selected. This could replace the “Start next song” option. Maybe this option could be set at different levels in VL : by project, by setlist, by song.

  • Cycle pre-activation
    In some situations, we have to cycle the first bars of a song, to make the intro last as long as necessary, while speaking to the audience or waiting for the guitarist tuning his instrument. When ready to jump to the first verse, we can deactivate the loop with a Midi message, but if we save the project, the cycle won’t be activated the next time we play that song.
    It would be great if the cycle initial state could be stored with each song. Hopefully, the same for every cycle ranges when VL will handle more than one…

Thanks for your work!


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You can click the “Play” icon of the first Part of a Song.

It should! Will check.

new project, add Song 2, activate cycle, save, exit, start over, load: Song 2 cycle is activated.
What do you do?

Of course, but in my hands-free (almost display-free) configuration, I select songs with Program Changes sent from a Midi pedal board. Some tracks need to be played as soon as I press the pedal, I’d like to avoid a second action to start it. For a few songs, I only need the stacks and layers to be loaded when I call the song, because its first part is just vocal and guitar, then I have to press a foot switch to start the tracks when the acoustic intro is done.

Of course, in my point of view, “hands-free” means “hands-on-the-guitar-and-not-on-the-mouse” :wink:

I agree with you on that point as well, but imagine a live situation where I play my songs, deactivate the pre-set cycles when necessary, and make a little change on the mixer for any reason. At the end, I will save the project, and all the cycles will be stored as deactivated… I know it will be my mistake, but it can happen and cause troubles at the next show!

We are already working on Actions Makros, that should be what you need.

What do you suggest?

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Having the ability to loop more than one range in a song would be awesome, I don’t know if it’s planned, and if so, what your approach will be.

Maybe Parts could have an end time and be played in a loop. Then each part would have a checkbox to indicate whether it’s a loop by default or not. This state for the current Part could be changed in real time by an action or a shortcut.

I hope I’m not annoying you with these suggestions…

Not at all! We are working on solutions we are sure will please your wishes.

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