Song from another Mac, no sound output

Hi, I have the following problem. Songs I saved on my Macbook Pro with Cubase 7.5.10 and now open on my new iMac, don’t have any sound output. I tried already a fresh set of prefs, the same. I switched of the Control Room, the same. I tried internal Audio, the same. When I open a new song, all is working. Just the songs saved on my MBP, don´t play anything. Any ideas what is causing this?
It looks like there is something stored in the song file, which is in conflict with whatever.


You probably need to connect the outputs in VST Connections.

Hi jasian, thanks for your suggestion, but they are connected.

Hi jasian, thanks for your suggestion, but they are connected.

When you load a Project from one Mac to the other, the original ASIO I/O device used and its connections are carried along with the file. When the new Mac sees this, it uses the old settings. So you need to check what the new Macs ASIO I/O device is (Device/Device Setup/VST Audio System) and then reconnect the to the newly select ASIO Device in VST connections as Jasian suggested.

Hi Weasel, that is why I don´t understand the problem. Its all 100% identical. Settings from MBP/Cubase/ASIO all the same. On the other hand it should not be a problem to use a song.cpr from another device. Even if those settings are stored, it should be possible to change the prefs. Will do a complete new install. Don’t think it will help, but have no other idea though.

Confirmed, new install still the same.

Sorted it finally out. The ControlRoomPresets.pxml was the killer. Trashed it and sound is back :slight_smile: