Song has something but needs fresh ears

Hi all

Looking for possible collaboration on this piece, it has something about it but i cannot seem to bring it out.

Any ideas or collabs much appreciated.

Very good song. The singer has a superb voice that fits perfectly with this musical genre. However, letting the singer sing the whole piece alone leaves me with some doubts. I believe that adding some vocal harmonies or even some voice overs in the chorus would add an interesting support to this beautiful voice.

Listen to some old Motown recordings from the 60s of “The Supremes” or other similar vocal groups. This could guide you in this direction.

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Thank you, i hear that too. It needs thickening up some how.
Thanks for your input.

This is nice work, and the singer sounds like the “I Will Survive” disco era divas. That said, I kind of agree with background vox possibly mentioned by Rene as being worth investigating beyond the occasional refrain that’s already there.
I also think the bass sound is that of an Upright String Bass. The drums/percussion are pretty light too relative to touch. This is all great, but if you’re looking for an idea, perhaps a more dominant rhythm section sound might be a direction to look at. An electric bass and fuller or heavier drum sound is what I’m suggesting.
On the rhythm side of things, you also go to a few different places and feels in the first minute of the song before really settling on what will be heard for much of the remainder. I felt those changes in the beginning were making me wonder too much about where the song would go and finally settle. Dynamics and different feels can be nice and effective, but in this case they didn’t do as much as they might’ve, at least to my ear.
Not sure if any of this might help you re-work it, but it is good to begin with, so take heart from that.

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Thank you for your input, I always felt the rhythm was a little disjointed and I agree with you, it is a little light. I will definitely take your advice on board when I remix. Cheers.