Song I need input on!

How are the drums and the mix and overall everything?

Superior Drummer 2
East West Platinum Orchestra
Cubase 6.5



Nice song!
There is too much bass, I think mostly because of the reverb you used on the kickdrum. Dial down the low frequencies in your reverb plugin if possible, else use some EQ on your reverb send to cut out the bass energy from there.
The bass guitar also seems a bit loud to me.

I like the sax, nice piece and it sounds good. A bit overpowered by all the bass energy but I reckon you can get it to stand out really nicely if you sort out the above issues. Vocals sound fine as well.
I can’t really hear what it is you have playing in the background, is it guitars or brass? Doesn’t really matter, the fact that I can’t hear what it is means it might need some work. It sounds like a guitar with a very narrow bandpass filter on it to me.
Did you forget to set the locators to include the ending or did you intend to end the song like this?

Thx for input! I originally had the song with recorded drums from but they sounded a little bit off! Like the timing was way off! So now I am using Superior drummer 2 and it sounds so!! much better! Where I controll the feel/timing! Not others! I am sort of trying to make it sound a little like Lana Rey, Adele and Motown! I think it will be a great song after some work.

It’s a good song, and generally sounds good. It’s difficult to make things out, possibly because the bass is so powerful, or maybe due to the processing you’ve done on it? Sounded like it was heavily compressed, and it’s hard to hear past the bass. Also a lot of reverb to my ears.

It sounds good, I would agree that there’s a little too much bass. The guitars could do with a bit more volume as could the snare. Well done though I like it.

Good tune, I will lose the verbs and put sound in our face. Remix the whole thing roll of freq at low end and at 250…how long have you been using superior and do you have any of the extra kits?

It all sounds a bit Blurred to me…when you bring in new instruments I can hardly hear them, there is a mix up of frequencies goin on, the instruments need seperating, production of music is hard work, the muso’s of the past had it easy…strum your song to a producer and they take over and make it sound good, we have to do everything ourselves, which for me is sometimes a “brickwall” learning curve…keep on keepin on…Kevin

Thanks! For all replys :slight_smile: What I did now is brought up the EQs on the guitars at the mid high! and then on the master output I brought the middle EQ down to make it more HIFI :slight_smile: Yeah I will keep on rockin on!