Song Length

Cubase suddenly thinks my project is 10000 measures long but there’s nothing down that far. My guess is there’s something hidden - automation or something like that - that is making Cubase think it’s so long.

Any suggestions. Yes I checked automation and can’t find anything.


Or it could be the length got mis-set at the time of creation. You can change it in Project Setup.

When I change it, it fixes the probelm only for it to last about 20 seconds to 1 minute then the project is 10,000 measures again.

Are you saying that the Project Length in Project Setup Window changes its value on it’s own without you doing anything?

Yes. I’ll edit the project length to 7 minutes then suddenly it’s 20 hours; all on it’s own. My best guess is there some event like some hidden automation that makes cubase think the project is that long.

I’m going to email support on this one.

Have you gone to the end of the project and looked around there?

I’m not at Cubase now, but I think there’s a command to show all automation.

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Thanks, but unfortunatley it’s not in the automation. Something tells me a plugin is doing it. Possibly Sonivox since they are practically null on any updates. I’m using their big bang cinema drums. I’ll do some testing.