Song not loading help

A few days ago I decided to get rid of some cubase version that I don’t use anymore e.g.4,6, 7.5 AND 8. I used an app called clean app which I think went a bridge too far and maybe removed some essential file as I found thatI 8.5 was constantly crashing while booting up. I just sensed there was something really wrong so I erased the hard drive re-installed el capitan and migrated everything back from Time Machine. Ive kept two cubase versions- Cubase 5 and 8.5 All seems to be functioning ok now except I have a song that will load in Cubase 5 but not in 8.5. Its using about 5 HalionONE synths. Could there be a problem with the preference file?
I could totally reinstall Cubase 8.5 but theres no utility that uninstalls everything-there are so many files! So any suggestions would be gratefully received-sorry if this post is a bit long-thanks for getting this far!

is your Cubase5 32bit? Might be something to do with that. ie maybe it’s some sort of glitch to do with loading samples in to RAM in the 64bit Cubase 8.5

Try removing all your plugins from the VST folder and see if the file loads then.


Hello John,

HALionONE only comes as a 32-bit plug-in. If you are using 8.5 in 64-bit mode, that could be the problem. Cubase 5 was 32-bit only on the Mac, so the problem will likely never occur there.

You could try to:

– Run 8.5 in 32-bit mode… this could cause Cubase to crash due to access violation when the project gets bigger
(however you might be able to work on it until it’s final… then you can render HALionONE to audio and continue the project running 8.5 in 64-bit)
– Open the project in Cubase 5 and render to audio, if feasible at this stage
– Use jBridgeM to bridge HALionONE and work in 8.5 64-bit

Hi Many thanks for your input. Was hoping to stay on 64 bit mode to get use to the fact that the next cubase updates will now only be available in 64 bit. So I guess its time to kiss the past goodbye and use halon SE as the main synth. I have used Jbridge before which has helped withe other VST’s but because HALionONE is not in the main VST file it doesnt get to “treat” HALionONE