Song order

Is there a quick way to change the order of songs in the montage without loosing start and end marker positions?
Thanks for any help.

Are your markers not bound to the clips so they automatically move along with the clips?

Yes they are tied to the clips. I tried moving the order in the clip tab and that did move the order of the clips in the montage but in doing so it removed all but one of the clips from the CD tab. So I’m thinking maybe this isn’t the way I should be doing it.

I usually use the CD Tab to drag the songs into a new order if the song order changes after I’ve done the original sequence.

It has a few more intelligent features compared to dragging clips in the Clip Tab. Especially when it comes to retaining the requirement that the very first song always have a start marker (not a splice marker) and that the last song ends with a CD Track End Marker so it stays as a valid CD layout.

The only catch is that if two clips are touching (butted up back to back), sometimes you need to get rid of that as you might get an error message in the CD Tab because it doesn’t know how to handle that.

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That’s really useful advice thanks! Is there a way to move songs from one lane to another? I find that when I change the order this way I sometimes end up with two consecutive songs on the same lane. That’s not usually a problem but there are times when it might be.

Yes. In the Clips Tab you can easily move a clip from one track and/or lane to another. I like this method because you don’t risk moving it in time by dragging with a mouse. See attached.

You can also click in the Montage Track Header to open a menu that allows you to Re-Stagger the clips. See attached.

Fantastic thank you!