Song patents

Hi can any one guide how to Patent songs the fast n secure way … advice appreciated … n thanks in advance… sam

Aloha s,

Not sure if you can ‘patent’ a song but you sure can
copyright one.

Publishing your song is also a good idea.

For copyright in the United States of America start here:


apologies Guys … yes Copywrit , patents would apply 2 some kinda invention , but thanks , would like to see some international patents , would the Us copy write give it to another country ??? thanks sam

Their is an international protocol where most nations recognize each others’ patent laws, but there are soem noteworthy non-signee’s, like China

In the USA, your song enjoys copyright protection once it’s been recorded; however, no court will hear a copyright case, let alone issue a judgement, unless you’ve gone through the process of having it officially registered with the US Copyright office. I think it’s $75 a song… OR… you can copyright an entire album now I believe, which is more cost effective

I think it’s $75 a song… OR… you can copyright an entire album now I believe, which is more cost effective
quite a bit , how about some older methods that u register a sealed post of ur cd n send it to your self … or even better release the cd in the local stores ??? how is that done … how do i release an album without the backing of some big brands like Sony etc??? sam

In the past it was always $30 whether it was 1 song or a ‘collective works of …’
Since 2009, it’s now $35 for an electronic filing(about time!) or $65 for a
paper filing, also for either a song or group of songs. I’ve always taken my chances
'til I had enough songs to take advantage of the ‘package deal’. :slight_smile:

IIRC a US SR (song recording) Copyright filing for a group of songs does not provide individual copyright protection to the individual songs within the group. It covers an album of material as a unit only.

This doesn’t make sense to me. Who would ever try to steal every song
on an album?
I learned about the ‘collective works of…’ method from the library
Of congress literature years ago, and what you claim was never mentioned.
if what you’re saying is true, why wouldn’t they make it clear at the outset,
so people wouldn’t waste their money and not be protected. I’d think they’d
put this in bold letters because it would mean -more money for them-
All my songs were copy written as collective works. You’re telling me
they’re not protected?!

I got this from the site. The example they give for a collective works applies to a short story,
but I can only assume the samew would apply to a sound recording:

What Can Be Included on a Single Application
For published works, all works published in a single unit of publication and owned by the same copyright claimant may be the subject of a single registration. For unpublished works, detailed requirements apply—see below. A single registration is not appropriate for the elements of a work when they are owned by different copyright owners.

Collective Works
A collective work is a work such as an anthology or encyclopedia or other collection in which a number of contributions are assembled into a collective whole. There are two types of authorship in a collective work:

Authorship of the collective work as a whole, which may include revisions, editing, compilation, and similar authorship that went into putting the work into final form, and

Authorship of the individual contributions.

When the two types of authorship are owned separately, they cannot be registered together on a single application. Each application requires a separate fee.


Linda wrote a short story and agreed to have it published in CITY LIFE, an anthology of 12 stories by different authors. Mike compiled and edited the collective work. Linda retains copyright ownership in her story TREE BY THE CORNER because she did not transfer copyright ownership. Linda may file an application for her story, giving TREE BY THE CORNER as the Title of the Work Being Registered, and giving CITY LIFE as the Title of the Larger Work. Mike acquired the right to use the 12 stories but did not acquire copyright ownership of any of them. However, he may file a application for the collective work authorship (the compilation and editing), giving CITY LIFE as the Title of the Work Being Registered.

I find no mention of individual items not being protected in a collective works copyright.

All my songs were copy written as collective works. You’re telling me
they’re not protected?!
Sorry , what exactly is copy written ??? and well there should have to be categorized ,seperate for songs , like a story , is far different to a song , which contains specific melodies , solos , structures , so much in there , sure no one would copy or lift a entire song directly , so melody line should be considered…most of all … n telling a story is far different from molding a story line in a song , i think … m still reading , but a lot of technical details , more 4 a lawyer than artists … sam