Song-specific VST instrument presets

I noticed that when I tweak a VST instrument for a specific song, it’s preset is stored not in the song folder, but in a global location (under My Documents on Windows platform). I find this to be not logical: shouldn’t instrument settings follow a specific song? I want to make sure that the song folder contains all its parameters, so if I install Cubase and VST instruments on a new machine, I can open the song and it will come with proper settings. Moreover, having song-specific settings in a global place is confusing when I start working on other songs: I will have all irrelevant presets available in a preset list, this puts different requirements on naming them - I should include song names in preset names to be able to understand what this preset is about in the context of a different song.

Perhaps I am overlooking some other way of storing VST settings together with the song? Or there are some reasons for doing it this way?

I was under the impression that VSTi settings are stored inside the project file, but I’m not sure.

I just double-checked. No, they are in the folder that is under “My Documents”, i.e. not only they are visible to all songs that use the same VST instrument, but also forgetting to copy them makes the arrangement pretty useless when moving to a different machine.

I think you’ll find that any settings made to a VST are saved with the song without having to save the preset for that song. If you need to save it to use in another Project, say for the same bass guitar “player”, then you save a preset.
Handles logically enough for me.
But I can see that you may want to save more than one setting though, to try out different sounds session by session on the same arrangement. Is that close?

If that’s the case and if it would be handy for a lot of users it may be a good idea to suggest a “save Project specific preset” feature. See how many need it.

Watch out for the Documents/Cubase Projects folder that copies all your projects to the C drive (even when you specifically save elsewhere and fills it up.
I’m still working on how to stop that happening or to just watch it and tidy it up now and again.

Hi Conman,

My challenge is that the same instrument is used for multiple tracks in the project with different settings, and not all instruments are capable of handling multitrack settings. And some event have problems with multiple instances. For example, EZDrummer crashes if it’s loaded more than once in Cubase with sampling rate higher than 44.1 kHz. So to handle these issues I need to find a way to switch between settings while recording audio for the tracks: first to set preset A on track A, record its audio, then set preset B on track B, record its audio etc.

So yes, having “Project specific presets” would be the best in such case. I want anything that has to do with the song to be stored with it.

Are you Saving the preset, using Cubase’s Vstpreset system, or does the Instrument have its own preset system?
If the former, why don’t you create a folder with the Project’s name?..

Yes, I think that’s like what I had in mind. Vic’s usually good on the workarounds though so we’ll see if that does for now. Looks like you want different kits and or drums for EZD you have to record to audio to get your options and apply FX / eq the same or have (your preset) choices for each until your Project starts to “knit” together.
Does the “Midi menu / dissolve part” maneouvre help any?

Btw, the suggestion I made, above, still creates the new folder inside the Global Presets folder, so you might do well to copy its contents into your Project folder, for safety/backup, but bearing in mind that Cubase won’t be able to reload them from there.

I noticed the “New folder” option but as you pointed out it’s still relative to the global folder. Yes, I can copy these settings to my local project, but this requires some discipline. I am less experienced with this stuff so I thought I may have overlooked something, but you guys confirmed that this is how Cubase works.

just tag it with “song name” & put “song name” in your “filters” view in the “load preset” window
et voila !

Oh thanks! I wasn’t aware of preset name filters.