Song tempo map curves!

Hi everyone, client sent me files for mixing and i asked for a tempo map, unfortunatly ableton doesnt export midi tempo map so he wrote all the notes with screenshots of the tempo automation.
My problem now is on how i can create the exact same curve on Cubase´s tempo track.

For example:

On my side i can create a ramp but cant touch the curve:

Could someone help me?

Seems like the original curve is exponential or spline, which cannot be realized directly in Cubase. It has just linear Ramp or Step tempo progression, so bent curves must be approximated by straight curve sections.

Your client may be able to create an audio file in Live with a tempo-mapped click following these instructions:

This file allows you to automatically create a tempo track in Cubase, according to

Yes, i ended up doing it manually.
Should be a good added feature fo r the future. Its possible on all tracks automation but not in the tempo track.
Thanks for your reply.

It’s another weird omission! When speeding up or slowing down in music (rits and ralls) they most often take the form best described by a curve.
Can’t understand why they weren’t included alongside the automation update a while ago, but its not the only missed opportunity in this department that has yet to be addressed.

I tried this method before i went into the manual road like i said. The tempo detection failed completely for this track i´m mixing. Some weird tempo changes.