Song Title with '...'

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A client has a themed album (song titles feature ‘.’ between every word). The last track title ends in ‘…’.

This seems to be illegal in a Windoze system? I certainly can’t name a montage with that as it auto deletes the characters.

I cannot recall coming across this before. Is there a workaround? Or will I just suggest they add the period marks on upload to aggregator/label.



I suggest you use the unicode ellipsis character

I know there are these illegal characters in Windows. These are off the net.

< (less than)

(greater than)
: (colon - sometimes works, but is actually NTFS Alternate Data Streams)
" (double quote)
/ (forward slash)
\ (backslash)
| (vertical bar or pipe)
? (question mark)

  • (asterisk)
    Filenames cannot end in a space or dot.

I did not see the single quote listed but maybe PG will chime in.

I have had two problems with non ASCII characters. One was someone who used something he downloaded off the net that ASCII sets did not recognize as a legal character and the other was someone who wanted to use some Zodiac and Egyptian symbols in his song titles. In neither case could I do what the client wanted.

Best of luck!

But is the problem actually with the FILE name or with the song title in CD-text? The characters Thomas lists are indeed illegal in Windows file names, but a single quote mark or triple dots are no problem. (and file names can end in a space or a dot)

Or are we talking about the issue with inputting spaces while creating clip/song titles?

Yes. These troublesome characters can often be included in the CD-Text and/or ID3 metadata, it is the actual file names where it can be a problem.

I often replace troublesome characters with an underscore or dash in the file name.

CD-Text is more restrictive than metadata for illegal characters but that has been covered before.

Thanks all …

The actual song title is like A.B.C…

I’ll follow the guidance given above.