Song to Template

What’s the best way to clear all song information but keeping all setup work for new songs?

For a new project I made a lot of adjustments in the first song I worked on. Instruments with new names and VSTs, new master page for score and instruments, hide or show bar numbers/slash counts/empty staves/… things like that.

To make this song a template for the following songs I renamed and saved it. Then I opened the score, selected all and deleted it. Without key, meter and music there was only the single empty default bar left - like in a new song. So I started a new song with this template.

But later I found tons of retired sign posts for system breaks in all single instruments.

Is there a secure way of deleting the complete musical content (without forgetting some sign posts of single instruments or CC-data curves)? Or do I have to go through the song instrument by instrument?

The only thing you’ve missed, I think, is deleting the score layout. My suggestion would be that you go into Layout Options, select the existing score layout and click Save As Default. Then delete the existing Flow (from the bottom panel of Setup mode) and the existing Score layout (from the right panel of Setup mode). Then create a new Score layout (and a new Flow).

Great idea! I’ll try that!

Thanks a lot! (as always!)

A more surefire way to remove any lingering global data is to delete the flow itself, rather than deleting the layout. Deleting the layout will “work” in as much as the global items will no longer have a valid layout to point to, but they’ll still be lingering there. Deleting the flow will get rid of everything.

I suggested deleting both the layout and the flow, on the basis that there’s the potential for things to linger in both old flows (system breaks, bar number changes etc.) and in old layouts (manually adjusted frames etc.)

Deleting the flow did it for me! Thanks!