Song Versions & How To Remove Old Versions

My process: I am using Cubase to build my song tracks. In Cubase, I use the Export VST Live Project function to create the files for my song for VST Live. Then in VST Live, I use the Import Media Project function to import those files for a song. I then used Save Song to save the song to my VST Live projects Songs folder. In Cubase, I had only one setlist.

What changed: So I decided to modify my song in the original Cubase file (tighten up the tempo track, change the sound sample I used for the click track, etc). I again exported my song from Cubase using Export VST Live Project. Before importing the new version of the song, I used Delete Song to delete the previous version of the song. Then I used Import Media Project to import the new version of the song. Pressing play on the song in the left hand songlist played the old version of the song. When I opened up the Setlist window, there appeared to be multiple versions of that song in the setlist window, all with either the same name or the same name with track time duration after the track name.

So my question is this: how do I import a new version of a song and remove the previous version of the song? And if there are multiple versions in a setlist, how do I tell which version is which? Is there a recommended way of dealing with updating a song in VST Live?

Great question! I have also been trying to find the most efficient workflow for these scenarios… considering that if one removes a song from a setlist the audio files will still remain in the audio folder… I wish the VST team would implement something similar to cubase (remove all unused files)… hopefully someone will shed some light on this topic

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There is an option in the import dialog to import as Song, or as a new project.

I did that, selecting import as song…

Now I can muck with a copy of my project, I’m thinking that maybe the approach is to delete the song from the left hand setlist using Delete Song, & then using the “-” sign in the middle section of the popout Setlist:

That way it appears to be deleted from all setlists:

Then if I re-import the media project for that song, there only appears to be one version of it - the most recently imported version:

Is that what you would recommend @musicullum ?

I’m guessing that if you wanted different versions to co-exist in your setlist (e.g. “Songname-firstversion” & “Songname-secondversion”), you would literally have to name the song projects different project names…

Not sure what you want to acheive. If you want differnt versions of a Song, just create a duplicate. If you want different versions of your entire VST Live project, just „Save as“. What is your goal?

My goal is to understand the recommended process for replacing an existing song in a project with an updated version of the same song, if the song is added to VST Live using Import Media Project (when the master copy of the song versions is developed using Cubase).

Why not just import the new Song, and delete the old one?

I thought I did, but the old one remained. I first selected the old one from the left hand songlist then went to Song->Delete Song. After that I used File->Import Media Project to import the new version of the song. But the old version was what played when I pressed Play.

So this post is to ask what is the recommended set of steps to follow to get a new version of a song into VST Live. In my post above I wrote a series of steps & then asked if you thought that this looked like the right way to do it, i.e:

  1. Delete the song from the left hand setlist using Delete Song, & then
  2. In the middle section of the popout Setlist select the song & press the - sign, & then
  3. Re-import the media project for that song using File-> Import Media Project

That would be a bug, will check.

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You mean the main view, we call that “Playlist” to differentiate from “Setlists”…
Or are you talking about the Setlist Editor?
I tried it. Remove Song from Playlist, that I had imported, and import again, no problems. But it looks like you have some different approach.
What is very important are the settings in the Import Dialog. I set “Cretae New Song”, and “Create Parts”.

Correct - I was referring to the Playlist when I said “left hand songlist”. I think the important thing for anyone else with this issue is to remove the song from all Setlists and the Playlist before then selecting Delete Song. This seemed to resolve my issues next time I needed to remove a song & replace it with a new version.