Song writing income under threat....

Interesting article on BBC news about this - thought I would share

Just IMO - I feel that as musicians are migrating to making most of their music from live performance, where they are performing songs written for them, the songwriter should be getting a cut of that live performance of their work. Am I alone in thinking that? Would welcome views :slight_smile:

They already do. Look up the Performing Rights Society. Only been going for 101 yearsssssssssssssssssssss.

Isnt that what publishers are all about?

really? I didnt think they did for live performances - hence cover bands etc - will check it out though! and does make me wonder what all the fuss about songwriting income loss is then…

thanks :slight_smile:

The clue is in the name “Performing” Rights Society.

The MCPS ( mechanical copyright protection society ) handled royalties from recordings and was merged with the PRS in 1997.

The revenue from all establishments having a music license is split between copyright owners pro-rata to what’s calculated as selling at the the time. Bigger venues will get their acts to fill out a form detailing the songs they performed.

Thanks - I guess what I am trying to understand is - if you take someone like Adele (who I know claims to co-write her songs, but looking at it more closely, her producers are writing them or buying them in for her), if she performs a song at one her shows, is she paying the songwriter a large amount of money for each gig (so she can perform in the first place) or is MCPS basically passing on the same amount they would if a covers band covered it in a pub gig?

Some sell their songs outright, others will collect royalties through a publisher in coordination with a PRS via licensing. Contractual agreements may vary. Have a look at