Songs In Archived Projects

I have been developing my “master” copy of my project on my laptop. When I create a song, I then go to Song->Save Song to save the song in the project songs folder on my laptop.

If I then archive that project & copy it to another computer, when I open the project on the new computer & go to Song->Load Song, the songs folder in my project is empty.

Archiving a project does not seem to save the songs folder. Is this the way archiving should work? My understanding was that I need to save songs to ensure that they can then be added (using Load Song) to setlists. Am I missing something? I have tried this with the last few versions, including 1.1.87.

Correct. Archive saves all assets needed in the Project, but not external assets as you did with your saving Song. Assets may be large and are rarely needed in an archived project, which should contain all assets required to run that project, but not presets or other saved objects (Songs, Parts, Layers, Stacks…) not required for the project to play.
a) you can copy assets manually to the archive folder.
b) as for Songs, if a Song is not used in the Playlist, but exists in some other Setlist, it should be available (see the new Setlist Editor). You should be able to find that Song in the “Songs” column in the Setlists Editor, and can just activate another setlist, or drag the Song over to a setlist. These Songs are saved with the project, not in the songs folder.
c) we might consider a list of optional assets to be copied when saving an archive.

Thank you for that explanation. It does make sense. I would feel more comfortable moving projects between devices via archiving if the assets were included, so the idea of having an optional list of assets to select from when creating an archive sounds like a worthy item for the backlog.

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For that, make sure the “Local/Project” switch in the Media Bay (right zone) is set to “Project”, then copy the entire project folder, works for me.