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Hi everybody!

It’s my first try to share music here on the cubase forums.
Find it at

First I do all the demos, then I record all the music with my favourite music editing programm :sunglasses:
All the mastering and mixing is done with cubase too, but for that task I get help from a professional.

I would like some comments, particularly for “titanic”
If you want to listen the tracks in high quality (I would suppose it’s worth it) you need to download them at or at Search for “still noah”.

Any comments are appreciated.


Titanic is excellent …very moody song with nice production…Kevin

titanic is very nice indeed, like the constant build up, especially around the 2.30 mark

Yeah, I liked Titanic… good song. And I did think there was potential for more from the vocal/melody. Its good, but I felt there was more lurking in there in terms of dynamics and melodic variation, particularly in the earlier verses.

Otherwise very nice. Good work. :sunglasses:

Hello everybody!
Thanks for your nice comments. I’m happy about everybody who likes the song (what musician wouldn’t think that way… :sunglasses: )
I don’t know if I get you right: Did you mean that the melody in the verses 1 and 2 could have more melodic and dynamic variations?