Songs made with CuB LE 10.5/ GA SE dont work with Cubase Pro 10.5/ GA 5???

I’m trying to load some of my songs on my friend’s CuB pro 10.5 with GA 5, but its says GA SE cant be found, so I cant get the drums to work. I thought GA SE was just a cut-down version of GA 4/5? What the hell?

It sounds like your friend has gone out of their way to remove Groove Agent SE 5 from their system, which is part of Cubase Pro 10.5 and would have been installed by the full Cubase installer. If they have the full version of Groove Agent 5 licensed and installed, Groove Agent SE 5 does not use much additional space. If they are short of disk space and your tracks don’t use The Kit SE, they can minimise the use of additional disk space by removing The Kit SE using Steinberg Library Manager.