songwriter where is it?

Hi and thank you ahead of time!!! :slight_smile:
down loaded songwriter app and install them in win 7 and win 10.
no problems with the install.
in cubase pro in the mediaBay the reference to songwriter is not there.
The following folder are there:
acoustic agent SE
Drum loop Expansion 01
EDM toolbox
factory content
groove agent one content
groove age se common content
halo sonic se common presets content
instrument set allen morgan signature drums
loopmash 2 content
loopmash content
rock pop toolbox
sequel content
user content
Where is the songwriters content??


Have you had a look in Groove Agent?

It also has a Media Bay and there’s an orange button at the top of it which should display
“all instruments” or the name of the instrument set that you’ve chosen the last time.

When you click on it, you’ll see all the instruments that are available. There should also appear
the Song Writer’s drum kit.

Can’t tell why it does not appear in Cubase’s Media Bay.
But you could try to rescan your disk. It might appear then.