Songwriting Essentials Install Error

I have this error on both High Sierra and Sierra.

Freshly downloaded.

Please advise

Any one else see this error when installing Steinberg products? I can’t get this installed no matter how many times I’ve re downloaded it.

I’ve run into this type of situation, work through it, then move on. I’m not sure of an exact solution.

In System Preferences>Security and Privacy>Allow apps downloaded from… is this set to allow downloads from other than the App Store? Unlock this window to allow changes, select App Store and Identified Developers. Then try double-clicking on the Essenstials disc image.

Thank you for your reply Frog. I too thought that must be it so I checked and it was already set to Allow apps downloaded from App Store and identified developers. So I am still pretty confused. :frowning:
Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 5.36.46 PM.png

Right-click on the disc image, select Open with>DiscImageMounter?

Thank you Frog. Unfortunately the same result. :confused:

There’s something wrong with the installer!

On a whim, I purchased Beat Essentials and ran into the same issue you’re having.

Here’s my workaround:
Inside the Installer window is an Additional Content folder that includes folders for Icons and VST Sound.

I navigated to the Groove Agent VST Sound folder: Mac HD>Library>Application Support>Steinberg>Content>Groove Agent>VST Sound
The two Beat Essentials VST Sound files in the installer were placed here as shown in the VST Sound attachment.

Next, I located the Groove Agent icons folder: Mac HD>Library>Application Support>Steinberg>Groove Agent Common>LIbraryInfo
The Beat Essentials icon was placed here. Groove Agent Common attachment

Beat Essentials now appear in the Groove Agent Instrument area. Selecting the icon will populate the presets area with Beat Essentials preset that match up with the list on the SB sight.

I did have some fun figuring this out, but a support link is at the bottom of the linked page on High Sierra.

You are a genius my friend! Thank you…that works!!! :slight_smile:

Good to hear it worked out!


So, I’m really trying to understand how the link for Beat Essentials provided at the time of purchase doesn’t work, but one provided by a mod in a 2017 thread works like a charm after “Always Trust” the certificate.

Digger a bit deeper, Sound Content is an option in the Download Software popup on the Downloads page.

The Sound Content page

The installer works when the certificate is set to Always Trust.

A benefit of a properly functioning installer - instead of my hack-job installation described above -, is that the Essentials Icon appears in the right zone>Media>Instrument>Groove Agent menu.

I like GA for all the functionality that it provides.
End of story.


Interesting observation!! I’m not sure Steinbergs installers have ever been as good as they could be.

I agree GA is great. It took me ages to find and tweak the right kit’s but once set…its super. It could use a better midi pattern browser like Toontrack or Addictive Drums in addition to what it offers now I’d say.

same problem with the songwriter essentials… and the solution works! thanks.

steinberg installation procedure is a turture… I switch from pc to mac… it takes me a day to install all my licensed products …
seems to me that support and comfortable tools are not important to steinberg…

hey, take a look at toontrack, arturia, native instruments… download the installer, log-in, choose all (they know the products I’ve licensed… really!), and wait…

steinberg is too big, too rich, too old… the ui (besides cubase) is old-fashioned

If you can see a VST library in Library Manager and you have an active license on e-licenser but can’t load it, this worked for me with Groove Agent 5 and Songwriter Essentials expansion pack (just one VST library was missing - all others had installed without the need for this disabling of the firewall - I had tried everything else I could find on the internet). I ran into this issue after a fresh install on a new PC.


  1. Uninstall VST library from Steinberg Library Manager
  2. Uninstall VST library from PC using Add/Remove Programs
  3. Disable all firewall/virus protection
  4. DL/Unzip/Install library in default folder
  5. Re-enable firewall/virus protection

Of course also get all the updates and let e-licenser do what it does.

The VST library Songwriter Essentials consists of two files, but only one was showing up (and in a directory different from the others). Firewall was blocking one of the files even when I moved it manually, etc.

i had meet this mistake too