Sonic 3 and FlexPhrase

Has the number of flexphrases increased in the new version?

I know they really increased when the Motif keyboard was upgraded to XS.

Hopefully same here.


I am not sure exactly what you mean. More factory preset phrases? More possible “banks” to store phrases within the programs? I do think there is one more controller lane than before. But, there is a free trial for Halion 6 and Halion Sonic 3 you could try.

Right, more phrases, XS has over 7,000 I think, they could port a lot of them over…

Well, I am not certain, but I believe there are some new phrases with the new instruments that are included.
At least it seemed like more than I remember from H5/HS2.

I’m pretty happy with the sounds in Sonic 2 but more phrases would be a reason to upgrade for me.