Sonic SE Libraries not found


I just purchased C6 yesterday and it is working fine except for this:

I load up Sonic SE, pull up the media bay, I have it set to attribute and I see my filters: category, sub-category etc., but nothing in the results window. I have gotten the piano sound by using the beginning template of piano and voice, so I think these presets are somewhere. It is just not pulling up in the media bay.

Intel dual core@316, 4 gigs memory, windows 7 64 bit, C6 64 bit.

Thanks in advance for the help.


“all HALion ONE sounds have been refurbished and are now included in HALion Sonic SE”

Anyone have any idea what folder these should be in? Any idea why they are not showing up in my media bay?



Here is a shot of my Media Bay, with All Media chosen, which shows no instruments, my Mini Browser with the VST Sound chosen and only showing a few instruments, then my Mini Browser with the All Media option chosen and showing all the Sonic SE instruments. I can create a track from the mini browser, but it would be nice if I could, like in previous versions, create an instrument track, load Sonic SE, and then load my instrument.

Any ideas as to why my Media Bay comes up empty?
Media Bay.JPG
Mini Browser.JPG
Mini Browser2.JPG