Sonic SE reports "Load Program Failed" on PRO sounds


I’m using Cubase 7 with the provided HALion Sonic SE VSTi. As a user of Cubase 7 I am also enabled to use the PRO Sound Set. Since some weeks ago all works best, but now HALion sonic just reports an alert “Load Program Failed”, when I try to load a sound from the PRO sound set. On existing projects with PRO sounds, the sound is loaded at start up but plays with click noise (sounds like a copy protection feature …). All other sound sets seems to work correct.

I also contacted Steinberg’s support some days ago but it seams they are busy with the actual Cubase update, so no answer yet.

Does anyone know a solution for my problem? It may have something to do with the fact, that I have installed a Cubase 7 demo license before purchasing it. The demo license is just valid for some hours and lives beside the Cubase 7 full license on my eLicenser dongle. I would like to try to remove the demo license from the eLicenser but there seems no way for me to do this (remove actions are always disabled).

Thank you for any suggestions,

I’m getting this as well.

“Loading Program Failed”

When loading a song, sometimes the sounds don’t play at all and other times
the sound has white noise in it. This is happening in one particular project.
If I try to reload the sound, I get the “Loading Program Failed” message/error.
And then usually a hard crash…

If I start a new project and load the sounds in question, they work just fine.

I’m going to try and salvage this project.
I will need to make notes of what sounds I used, delete the instances of Halion Sonic SE,
and then try to reload them.

What a nightmare. I can’t afford to just have this project/song die.

Hi, I have spent many many hours with Cubase support, made clean installs, exchanged USB keys, removed unused demo licenses, tried another Mac … nothing helps. Cubase support has no solution for this issue but also cannot reproduce the problem so cannot fix it. The support told me, that he thinks that Cubase 7.5 will probably not fix the problem so I am just using 7.0.

In my environment the ordering of instrument tracks is important. If I change the track ordering, the problem may not occur.

After trying around I found an easy way to avoid the problem (workaround): When HALion Sonic has successfully loaded a Pro sound the problem will not occur while Cubase is running. So I prepared a project just containing a HALion Sonic track with a Pro sound loaded. After starting Cubase I first open this project before I open any other project. This reliably solves my problem. It’s a little cumbersome but I have attuned to this.

You may download my “fixing” project from here:

Let me know, if you can fix your problem this way.

One question: Do you use a Mac or a PC?

Good luck

I hope Steinberg support read this (Georg?), there are others having the same problem as me!

"One question: Do you use a Mac or a PC?

Good luck

I hope Steinberg support read this (Georg?), there are others having the same problem as me!"

I’m on a PC here.

Finally got my issue sorted…
I was only missing the new Hybrid sounds that come with Neundo6+Nek6.
Then I moved a file and they showed up but the edit layer page was still missing.
After a few days of trial and error, I uninstalled the Halion Sonic SE Content and then reinstalled
using my Nuendo 6 purchase.

This seems to have fixed everything. I now have access to all sounds and edit layers.
Seems the order of installation is important. Something goes awry when upgrading.

All good until the next update…

Good news: Yesterday I upgraded to Cubase 7.5 wich includes an upgrade to HALion Sonic SE 2. The problem has disappeared. :smiley: