Sonivox Orch Companion Issues

Hey everyone,

I recently downloaded the Sonivox Orchestral Companion Bundle. It has separate plugins for Brass, Woodwinds, Strings, Piano and Percussion.

As soon as I loaded the x64 version of any of the above plugins - except the one for percussions - Cubase’s UI shrinked. It was just like when you make the resolution of your PC higher, but here it happened ONLY on Cubase, and not in my PC.

Has anyone had the same problem? It’s a shame that I can’t find a workaround - I contacted Sonivox directly, they said that they don’t know what is happening, and they told me to contact Steinberg. I would like to do so, but I have scanned their entire website trying to find the contact form they claim to have, and they seem to have hidden it so well that I can’t find it…

This is an issue that happens not only in Cubase. I tried it on the latest version of Reaper, and it happens there, too. It doesnt’ seem to happen on the x32 version of the plugins, but when I load more that 3 instances, they put so much stress on the VST bridge, it… collapses ( pun intended ). The global UI shrinking causes problems in my plug-ins too, because some of them have UI glitches that make them malfunction.

Any help here? Thanks in advance…