Sonnox Declicker

I have already had one post with a suggestion for Wavelab totally ignored (with the notable exception of a generous poster), but I nevertheless wanted to state for the record my following opinion: The Sonnox declicker is utter rubbish.

Incredibly the capabilities offered by Steinberg in audio restoration appear to have regressed substantially compared to a decade ago! What a shame. . .

I use the WL declicker very often within Nuendo and it works very well.
Why do you think it is rubbish?

For vinyl restoration, I find it not only very harsh but highly ineffectual; a truly dismal combination.

I’ve now gone back to using something called Steinberg Clean, which according to the copyright notice on the excellent documentation is from 2002. There is simply no comparison :astonished:

I use it regularly for getting rid of both vinyl noise and digital clicks and I find it works very well indeed!

Here too, the Sonnox declicker works fine. I’m puzzled that you describe it as “harsh” because used properly, it’s a very subtle effect that shouldn’t colour the tone at all. I also used Steinberg Clean years ago, and the Sonnox tools are light-years more advanced; Clean worked reasonably well, but was like a sledgehammer in comparison, and while it may have made some scratchy LPs listenable again, it was not anything that could credibly be used for remastering.