Sonnox plugins usable in other hosts?


the Sonnox plugs that come with Wavelab 8 Elements, are they tied to Wavelab (via license check or something), or can I use them in other hosts, too?

Specifically, I want to use the DeNoiser in Cubase 7.


This is possible.


How could it work on OSX?

Interesting. I did find these and was able to add them to C6.5.5, awesome!

The DeNoiser is pretty cool, I am really impressed! No audible artifacts, just takes away a tiny tad of treble. Works very very well! This alone was worth the money.

Altough that might also be a psychoacoustic phenomenon, if you have an instrument playing and some high freq noise, and then you take away the noise, of course the overall impression is that it sounds more dull, but you just got rid of bright noise actually.

Hello all. How to make these plugins visible in Cubase 7.0.6? Thanks :confused:

Just an update. I copied all the Wavelab files (VST3 and RAW) into the Cubase 7 VST3 folder. There they are! :smiley: Both program versions are 64 bit.