sonnox plugins

I own wavelab 7 and Nuendo 5. Is it possible to run the sonnox plugins in Nuendo?

If so, what files do I need to copy?

I believe the Sonnox plugins work fine in 32bit Nuendo/Cubase, but don’t survive the bridging in 64bit.

Can’t remember which files you have to make available to its VST path off the top of my head, though, sorry!

I copied the .vst3 files to my vst3plugins folder for Nuendo5 but when I try to “update” my plugin info and it gets to those plugins i get the critical error modal window (the one that suggest you restart nuendo and makes you save your session under a different name)

They work here (partly) in Nuendo 5.1.1
Well, they open anyway.
They do not work very well at all, and one of the modules appears to do nothing.

I copied the files into the C:/Program Files/Common Files/VST3 folder, and they appear under “Restoration”.