Sonnox Restoration

I have recorded a couple of old LP’s in Cubase and will now use the Sonnox plug-ins in Wavelab Essential 8 to clean them up. I have read the manual and pretty much understand what they do and how to use them. But I have three questions if someone could help please.

Firstly, what sort of file should I take from Cubase to apply to Wavelab and the Sonnox restoration tools. I have a 32bit wave exported from Cubase that I am using, but is that the best way?

Secondly, I can play the wave file in Wavelab and hear the Sonnox doing its job, but what do I do to record and save the treated file?

Thirdly, should the wave file be dithered before or after the Sonnox tools are applied?

(I intend to burn these to CD when finished).

Yep, that should be fine.

Use the ‘Render’ function from the Master Section. Make sure to also select the correct file properties (sample rate and bit depth) when saving to a file.

Dithering should always take place as a final step when reducing bit depth, so ideally just before burning to disk. Best practice IMO would be to keep the files 32-bit and then burn the CD from the Wavelab Montage and use dithering in the last slot of the Master Section (After the faders).

Very helpful and clear, Arjan. Many thanks!