SONNOX SuprEsser Mixdown distorted


It’s mysterious but you can listen yourself. I’ve opened a support ticket too (#36371),
but since 30.5.2017 no response. Probably holiday season.

Here, how to reproduce the problem I have:

  1. Start Cubase 9.0.20

  2. Open new Project, use Template acoustic guitar and vocals (german Akustik Gitarre und Vocals)

  3. Import an audio track with vocals (mine is “A_Voc 01_18.wav” 32bit mono), no conversion,
    but copy to project folder

  4. Remove VSTDynamics as insert. Insert SONNOX Supresser instead (actual VST) and it should be activated

  5. Plugin Supresser: detailed settings, just open those, nothing else.

  6. Insert Steinberg standard limiter into output bus, set to -0.3dB out to avoid clipping. (You usually should :wink: )

  7. Play: => all you hear is fine. Save project (Suppr_01.cpr).

ATTENTION: now export, audio mixdown, WAV, 44.1k and 16bit, nothing else, no dither just export.
Export file (…\Mixdown\Suppr_01_C9.0.20.wav) and listen to this 44/16 WAV file.

It’s really bad sounding. Just listen to my example.

8. Close cubase. Reopen this project with cubase 8.5.30 (64 bit too of course),
9. redo the export (…\Mixdown\Suppr_01_C8.5.30.wav).
10. Listen to that exported file.
Everything is fine.

And now :question: :question: :question: SONNOX SuprEsser is a well working plugin but not in combination with cubase 9.

My project contains an audio sample from a session. Perhaps you can try it if you own the sonnox SuprEsser.
Please let me know how it works in your DAW. Thank you.

Imagine you have a monster project of 100 tracks and something is wrong like this.
Will you find the buggy plugin then? :imp:
SONNOX.7z (1.69 MB) (1.75 MB) (1.74 MB)

I found a hotfix (NVTSUPP5v2-1-4(hotfix).exe) dated 2017-06-22 at sonnox download page. Try it this weekend.

And it works, problem solved! :smiley: