SONOMA 14.4.1 Upgrade from Monterey 12.5.1

Hi folks. I’m about to upgrade my MAC version from Monterey 12 to Sonoma 14. I am currently running Cubase LE Al elements 12 and are using the Rosetta function to open it with as my UR44 Interface would not open properly when I downloaded cubase version 12.
I am running them the standard MAC studio Max with M1 chip.
Am I likely to encounter any problems with the operating system upgrade? Or should I keep it to the Monterey version 12. (is the Rosetta function still available in Sonoma?)
I will check forums with Divinci 19 and blender version3 also before I do the upgrade just in case I have any across-the-board issues.
Thank you in advance

Yes it is

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I would only update to Ventura; Sonoma still has problems.

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Thank you Paul

Thank you. Will do.