Sonoma: You were warned!

I’m kinda in the middle of a much needed break from sound design and I’m like “Eh, just for fun!”


Most other plugins work fine. My Steinberg ones flipped the boat though. They tell you not to upgrade but I just wanted to see what companies were ahead of the curve.

So what happened? Like the interface of Groove Agent doesn’t show up until you mouse over it. I’ve never seen that before!

Halion 6 is a crash fest as well. Mostly the surround engine inside Halion itself. I’m planning to jump to version 7 when I get some more cash and HOPEFULLY the Grove Agent Update is coming soon!

Amadeus e.d.p.

Thanks. I have no plans to upgrade anytime soon.

You are Welcome G!

Yeah, I’m just glad I had this down time and some really good backups in place. I needed to test out my ability to recover my system so this was perfect!

Oh, the other thing…there HAS to be something wrong with the Graphics Subsystem. When I play back 4k Movie Files…there is some glitchy-ness around the interface controls for Quicktime.

Also, the system kinda “stalls” a bit. I have NO CLUE why you have to break an O.S just to put some cheesy features in that most people won’t even know are there. My mother literally has no clue what Mac OS is on her laptop and could care less.

I DO however think that Steinber must either be doing things a little too close to the sun or Apple kinda jacks their software. I remember things being much smoother before I made the jump to Rich People Computers :joy:

Amadeus e.d.p.

I’ve only seen that with Groove Agent so far if I open the ‘Settings’ in the standalone app. Had to mouse over it to get all the preferences to appear.

Halion 7 on the other hand… It’s missing all the little pop up hints when you hover over something (pops up a blank box), and the envelope GUI is all messed up and out of whack. Plays back fine, just hope you don’t have to edit or make any new patches in the meantime… The standalone version is worse, the preferences there are completely blank, no mousing over helps, and you can’t even quit the app because the buttons are gone from the pop up window. You have to Force Close it on a Mac right now.

But I have been working on projects the entire time since upgrading, just mix downs/arranging, and the plugins are playing fine. I just won’t be writing much new stuff until either 14.1 or some update drops. Cubase itself seems perfectly fine so far…

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I thought Halion 7 would be fully compatible. I don’t understand how adding widgets and other tchotchkes to an OS breaks my drum machine and synth.

Maybe Steinberg is breaking some programming rules? Programming Edge Lords. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Amadeus e.d.p.

Whatever it was, Apple fixed it in the 14.1 beta. Hopefully they don’t change anything between now and the release…

Oh cool!

So both Halion and Groove Agent work ok no issues?

Amadeus e.d.p