Sononym's features in Media Bay

Wouldn’t it be great, if we had some of Sononym’s features available in Media Bay?

1.) True auto sensing capability (auto detects tempo, root key AND category based on complex audio analysis - not just based on tags or filenames, which are very often missing) - no need to manually tag files anymore.
2.) Automatically recognizes loop or non-loops (one-shoots) without the need to manually tag anything!
3.) Import samples and detect categories automatically based on sound analysis (tags like drum, violin, loop, one-shot, bright, attack aso).
4.) True auto matching: will find similar loops based on the actual sound. Have a great guitar loop you like? Push “Match” and get samples that truly sound the same.

It would be a small step for Steinberg, but a giant leap for Cubase and Nuendo!

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