Sony 9-pin, P2 MMC request for Cubase Pro

Why do we have to invest in Nuendo in order to get Sony 9-pin P2 MMC RS422 working with large format consoles. Why can’t the synchronization settings from Nuendo be ported over to Cubase Pro. Isn’t Cubase Pro for professions too?

We have a Colin Broad P2MMC-USB and a AJA Gen10. Our Avid System 5 console connects to the P2MMC with RS422. With this setup In Pro Tools we have full transport, jog wheel and 64 track arming working but there are no sync settings in Cubase to slave to P2 MMC, Sony 9-pin. This is not a show stopper since we can use the mouse for things like that but it is an issue for the workflow. Cubase is my go to DAW but i’m finding Pro Tools to be more compatible with my setup

We need better synchronization settings like we have in Nuendo 7 ported over to Cubase Pro now that more Pro Tools users are moving to Cubase. This will allow the use of Nuendo Syncstation and CB P2MMC-USB in Cubase. Users with controllers and large format consoles will then have P2MMC for full transport and 64 track arming.

Still no word from Steinberg. How about a paid option like we have in Pro Tools to have P2 Serial control of Cubase Pro.