Sony MHC NX as a studio monitors?

I have a question about my Sony MHC NX HiFi. I would like to use it as a studio monitors. What do you think about it?
The thing is that I unplugged this part with CDs and tapes so I only have main control panel and two speakers. If I won’t turn on any eq,presets,sorround etc effects is it good enough to use it for mixing/mastering?
I know probably professional sound engineers will say NO definitely- go and buy studio monitors if you want perfect sound… but for home studio and home productions and to try and learn about wide mastering process- is it enough for a start?


It’s enough to start and learn the basics. But be careful. Your brain may adapt to treat the sound of these speakers as “right”. Then when you move up and get real monitors you may try to mix/master your music to sound like it sounded with these Sony:s. Yes; been there, done that … In my youth there were no affordable monitors available like nowadays and with student budget best option was high quality DIY kit hi-fi speakers. Worked OK, but transition to Genelecs was painful.