SOOOO much better!

Entire program is faster, snappier, more responsive.

Docking windows are awesome - works so well when switching between laptop work and working on my 27 inch monitor. Easy to hide windows not currently used and just as easy to get them back when needed.

Very nice work! Can’t wait to go deeper into the new stuff.

Completely agree

This is fantastic.
I had been using the old version for so long that it took me a minute to figure things out but after those few minutes, literally just a few minutes, I am absolutely loving the new interface and I am loving the Master Rig. Bye Bye Ozone. The EQ’s are amazing

This one was worth the wait. GREAT JOB PG and STEINBERG :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Yes indeed, totally agree!
The only things at first glance was the general feeling at the interface was rather gloomy to me until I discovered in the preferences => Display => Theme => dark ! so I choose light and it is fine to me now !

Indeed, version 9 is a great step forward and looks pretty stable. PG has done a very great job
:smiley: .

Yes,totally agree!

tried it for a few days now and +1
great product. upgrade price too

+1 I’m very pleased with this upgrade as well.

It’s just great.