Soothe2 missing from VST3 plugin list [SOLVED]

After having some issues with Wavelab not opening because I was using Perception AB in the master section (no VST 3 for this yet), I tried to open an old montage to check performance and it would not load because Wavelab was saying it was not VST 3.
I only have Soothe2 installed as VST 3 on my system, I only ever install VST3 if I have the choice in the installer.
When opening Wavelab in Rosetta 2 mode Soothe2 actually shows that it is a VST 3 plugin and that is the only option I have to select.

Do you have the latest version of Soothe2 installed? The M1 version was only released a week or so ago.

I have it working here in both M1 and Rosetta mode.

For some plugin updates, I did have to do a new plugin scan for it to appear in the M1 version or more bluntly, delete the plugin-registry-arm.txt file in my WaveLab Preferences folder which forces a hard plugin rescan.

Yes that was it, thank you Justin. Never thought of the rescan as every other M1 update worked fine. Thanks again

Exactly. I was battling this too but decided that the most straight-forward way was to force a rescan by deleting the plugin-registry-arm.txt file and then plugins that get updated to M1 compatibility will appear in WaveLab M1 mode.

Sometimes a normal rescan will fix a certain plugin and then another might go missing.

Thanks again for your wisdom, always appreciated

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