SOPA and PIPA. Any thoughts?

Aloha guys,

Been reading a bit about the SOPA and PIPA discussions.

Looking for some Cubase points of view on the topic.


Content creators need to be paid for their work, no different than carpenters, mechanics, doctors and babysitters do. From that, all things can be reasonably worked out among reasonable people. In my simple mind, it’s as simple as that!

True, but its FAR from that simple. These totally misguided proposals (SOPA I understand is now dead) are not only completely draconian in nature but downright scary too, created by people who I suspect who simply have no idea on how to really deal with the issue.

Twitter, Google, Reddit, Kickstarter, Tumblr, Mozilla, Yahoo, AOL, eBay, Zynga, Facebook, and several other sites have spoken out in opposition of SOPA and PIPA. In fact, many sites are censoring their logos (e.g. Google) or completely took down their sites (e.g. Wikipedia) in protest on January 18th.


yeah, they’re shooting mosquitoes with elephant guns AFAIC, in a crowded city square so it’s not just the mosquitoes that will go down. Now I’ve only looked at this from a distance but it’s does not look good, does it? :confused:

Nice links, thanks.

I agree, It IS far from that simple … the devil is always in the details. That’s where the 2nd part of my comment comes in - “if reasonable people can get together to work this out …”. The first iteration of attempts to stop online piracy seems to have been drafted mainly by one side (large corporate content creators), with few if any checks and balances, and got shot down with milliseconds to spare. Now that both sides are involved, hopefully reasonable heads will prevail.

Just based on my almost certainly incomplete understanding of the issues, I look forward to reading more here on the topic!

It’s all to protect children from secondary copyright infringement.

“The north is always at war with the south.” George Orwell (among other things). We need to read it again if that’s still legal.
All to do with “Homeland Security”. You know, the guys with cattle prods waiting to use them on ordinary people for doing ordinary things. :smiling_imp:

The takedown of Megaupload shows that SOPA and PIPA and ACTA are not needed.

What the heck is SOPA and PIPA? Some US internal politics excrement? In that case I indeed have some thoughts: Couldn’t care less. :sunglasses:

It’s people like you that give europeans a bad name, luckily they’re all not like you.

OK. So would you like to give your thoughts about tekijänoikeuslakiuudistus? Or would you rather like to give bad name to Americans?

The problem with those laws is that it allows the US to take down any website anywhere. So yes, it would affect you too Jarno.

SOPA dead for now!

Unfortunately, while these proposals are currently before the US congress, their impact, should they become law there, would in fact impact globally, affecting just about everyone who uses the internet…not just Americans. That’s one particularly worrying aspect of these laws that many find most disturbing. SOPA is now dead, but the alternative PIPA is still under consideration…

I can read the above, are you from there too :open_mouth: :wink: ?

Really? How are US officials going to implement US laws in other independent countries? Are they going to send a nuke missile to the server room in China or send a group of Navy SEALs to pull the plug there?

Yep! Nice word … isn’t it. But should have used tekijänoikeuslainsäädäntöuudistus instead :stuck_out_tongue:

@ Jarno, no terveisia Australiasta sitten :sunglasses: !


I wouldn’t be too surprised if they did!

They just did it with Megaupload. Serverparks were in the US, but also abroad. The owners were Australian and have been arrested. Megaupload is now down worldwide, just because the US thought that was a good idea.