Soplit tracks during mixdown

I did a brief research but I wasn’t able to find anything that solves my question.
I have two songs, recorded one just after the other one. So that they will sound like a single track split into two tracks. Io I need to put an example i can sai “Green Day” Holyday-Boulevard of broken dreams " or some songs from the album Queen II.
Or lets put it like this. I Have a 9 mins track. I want to export the first 4 minutes, in Song 1, second 2 minutes in Song 02 and last 3 minutes in Song 03.
Si the re a ah to do that without selecting each individual interval every single time?
Thank you very much everyone and sorry for grammar mistakes or typos from my iPad :smiley:

Cubase 7.5, iMac OSX Mountain Lion, i7, 8Gb ram

WTF is:

  1. Io I need to put an example i can sai

  2. Si the re a ah to do that

  3. selecting each individual interval

  4. first 4 minutes, in Song 1, second 2 minutes in Song 02 and last 3 minutes in Song 03.


I have no idea what you are on about. Do yourself a favor, and ixnay the ipad, and type from a computer so you wont have these typos and grammar mistakes.


Set your left and right locaters for the first song.
Save as “First Song” (or whatever).
This way way you can open just the First Song Later if needed.
Export Audio Mixdown…

Repeat for the other 2 songs.

Is that it?


PS Your taste in music is exquisite!
Queen II and Green Day!


Nothing personal to manu_mlp.
I speak really crappy Italian.

Well reading it again it looks like I was drunk.
Ok, lets try again.

I have a 9 minutes track. I want to export this track to 3 different songs.
Song 1 - Minutes 0:00-4:00
Song 2 - Minutes 4:00-6:00
Song 3 - Minutes 6:00-9:00

Now. I can do as Hugh said, with locators ecc. I was just wondering if there is some settings in the Mixdown window. That’s it.

PS well I used to listen to green days when I was pretty much a kid while I still listen to Queen. It just came to my mind that example. :smiley:

There might be a way to set Cycle Markers and then a command “Locators to Cycle Markers” . . .
Can’t remember.

But one thing you could do is create a “dummy” track and put 3 empty parts in it - each the exact length of one of the sections.

Then you could select a part - use “locators to selection” (Key Command P? I think?) - and then export.

A little faster and all in one project.

Yeah. Their early AND most recent stuff doesn’t get much time on my playlist - but I’m a big fan of “American Idiot”.

And . . Queen? What can be said? Amazing stuff.