Soprano 1/2 numbers

I’m working on a project with multiple Soprano and Tenor voice players, not all of which appear in each flow. In flows with only one soprano or tenor line, the instrument names are still “Soprano 1” and “Tenor 1”, which doesn’t look good when the other voice parts say merely “Alto” and “Bass”. Is there a way to make Dorico add the number to the Soprano and Tenor staves only when there are multiple Soprano/Tenor instruments in a flow, and to leave it off otherwise? (Apologies if this is already on the forum somewhere; I couldn’t find it myself.)

The best way to do this is to use one Soprano player, and use Divisi for the Flows which need it. Make sure it’s a Section player, rather than Solo.
Create the Divisi in each flow, then Move the music up from the lower Soprano part using Paste Special > Move to Staff Above. Then delete the 2nd Player when you’ve finished.

You can then name the divided sections as you like.

The lazy alternative is to add one (or more) spaces to the Staff Label, so that each one is different, e.g. “Soprano”, "Soprano ", "Soprano ". Then none of them will be numbered, as they’re not the same.

Hi! Just note in the space workaround that you can add the hard spaces before Soprano (instead of after) to keep the alignment.