Sorry, but...ProSoundEffects? Can't Find them...

Hey Folks,

I’ve been using Cubase/Wavelab/Nuendo in my professional studio since the 90s, so I understand Steiny products / file structure etc of Steiny apps.

Recently I’ve switched to Nuendo 7 full-time for vid-post reasons, and though I’m reasonably familiar with it I have a question.

I read the other day that N7 comes with “ProSoundEffects 1.5 GB FX post-production library” but I can’t seem to find it, or I’ve found it and it’s not labeled as such/not what I thought it was. Dunno.

I purchased the boxed product, rather than activating a downloaded one.

Could you guys please tell me how to access these sounds?


just to clarify a bit…there is a disk that comes with N7 that has 7.5gb of Xtras but they are mostly drum and synth samples and none of them are marked as being from ProSoundEffects…nonetheless cool, but still…I want that office drawer opening sound…lol


Hello JACKnight,

you will find them in Nuendo’s installation Disk (disk 1). You can either fire up the Start Center and go to the “Pro Sound Effects Library” tab on the top and then click on “open folder”, or you can just navigate through the disk directly where you’ll find them under “Additional Content / Nuendo SFX library…”

Hope this helps!

All the best,

Thank you so much, Luis!