Sorry - Dorico 1.1 PDF manual ?

Steinberg PDF manuals are found at
Is there any link to Dorico 1.1 PDF manual ?

I don’t believe there is a new user manual. However, in the pinned post that announces 1.1 there is a link to the Improvements History, which is a 70 page pdf of the new changes. Not quite the same thing as a manual, but a good way to read about the new version. The online videos are terrific, too. All this in advance of what - we’ve been told - will be a more comprehensive manual.

Dorico Version History:

The writer Steinberg just hired to write all documentation is starting her job in July… In the meantime, watch the videos — there is a live show tomorrow by John Barron on Youtube Dorico channel where you might be able to ask directly your questions :wink: