Sorry for posting double, but since I have both 8 and 10, how do you select ONLY active audio events?

How do you select ONLY active audio events after heavy editing for copying and pasting?

There was a post about this but it was unanswered.
So I thought I would give it a try.

I have Cubase 8 and Cubase 10.
Mainly working with 8 Pro for 32bit VSTi integration.

I normally get more than 10 audio recordings under the audio track,
and sometimes need to select only the active audio events for copying and pasting.

Is there any kind of key command shortcut of it?

I was looking for an answer for about a week but had no luck.
I am sure there must be one option…

I normally do heavy detailed editing for vocal especially. (like… every words… choosing different events and cross-fade them)

Sometimes it takes too much time to click on every ACTIVE event that I chose to go with…

I COULD delete inactive events but I leave them for revision…

I wish there is one.

Hi and welcome,

I’m afraid, there is no way.

Ah… Ok, thanks.