Sorry if this has already been brought to your attention

The playback does not react to any dynamics in the score - Crecendos, diminuendos and others such as ff, pp etc etc
Has this already been mentioned?

Playback of dynamics was implemented in the 1.0 release. If you’re not hear any difference then perhaps we need to investigate the particular score you’re using. Could you zip it up and attach it on this thread?

In future, could I ask you to ensure the subject line of your forum post accurately describes the topic rather than making a general comment.

I deleted the score as I was just experimenting, sorry, I will look at it tomorrow and post it up if the same etc

Are you using the default HALion sounds that get loaded, or have you switched to your own choice of sounds? If so, then that may explain what’s happening, if you have a patch that responds to mod wheel dynamics but Dorico is using note velocity to control it. This is something that will be improved in the next update.

I am using the default Halion.