Sorry if this is a dumb question guys - 32b vsts

I’m about to move up to c6 on a wintel machine @64bit.

Will my old 32bit plugs that I’ve come to love still run?



Most will run via the VST Bridge, but you’ll want to update every plug-in that you can to 64 bit. Bridge works, but IMHO is not ideal.

JBridge does the job much better than the VST bridge that comes with C6 64bit. I upgraded to 64bit with the release of C5 (64bit) and I’ve never looked back! I had lots of issues with VST bridge especially with many of the VSTis

Well worth the investment (very cheap considering what it does)



thanks guys. i’ll look into the jbrigde, james. thanks for the heads up.


or you just run cubase 32bit on Windows 64, and have no problems with that (!!). In pratice you only need cubase 64bit if you really want to use huge sample libraries.

as i get more (and better) jobs underscoring video i find i’m forced to move fully into the realm of big samples libraries. still, some of those older 32b plugs have unique and cool sounds to be squeezed out of them…